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  • Voice assistants for all use cases - A news article

    Naomi and Alexander Schwarz develop and produce voice controls and voice assistants with their start-up, divVoice. After a setback due to the coronavirus, they have come back even more innovative and have big plans.

  • Collaboration between Clinomic and divVoice leads to breakthrough in intensive care treatment with Mona

    Two startups, Clinomic and divVoice, have worked together for three years to create a product that revolutionizes intensive care treatment. The result is Mona, an intelligent assistant and telemedicine system that uses the latest AI algorithms to provide doctors and nurses with data and information to aid in patient care.

  • Mona: The AI-Powered Bedside Device Revolutionizing Intensive Care

    Mona is a smart bedside device for the intensive care unit that uses artificial intelligence to assist doctors and nurses in providing therapy to critically ill patients. Its design and technology enable clinicians to securely perform tele-intensive care at the bedside.

  • Customer Service Automation 2.0

    The practical use of speech assistants is discussed in this article. Alexander S. suggests that while speech assistants like Alexa and Google Home are popular for private use, they are not as widely used in public or professional settings. There are many potential uses for speech assistants in professional settings, including in offices, hospitals, and manufacturing plants.

  • Fraunhofer IDMT and Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Support SMEs in Integrating Speech Recognition Systems

    The Fraunhofer IDMT and the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center are supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the integration of speech recognition systems. The Aachen-based divVoice GmbH has developed a voice assistant for the catering industry with the support of the Fraunhofer IDMT.

  • Venture Capital Magazine - From cooperation comes innovation.

    What startups and medium-sized companies can learn from each other. DivVoice appeared in the April 2019 issue of the Venture Capital Magazine.

  • Digital assistants for gastronomy and retail

    In cooperation with Foodservice Digital Hub, divVoice created a virtual assistant for the catering industry. The voice assistant is to be integrated into the POS system and can be used to place orders, check stock, and more. The voice assistant is also available as a standalone browser application.

  • Optimal service thanks to speech recognition.

    The story of the startup divVoice and its product began with a restaurant visit. Unsatisfied with the slow service, the idea came up: how much easier and faster would it be if orders could be placed automatically? In an interview with Alexander Schwarz, CEO of divVoice, we learn how this vision became an established product and how the Solid Edge startup program supported the company.

  • Digital X: 20,000 Visitors Experience the Future of Digital Technology

    The Digital X took place in Cologne. The initiative, founded by Deutsche Telekom AG, aims to drive the digital transformation in the German economy and society. There are still many questions open when it comes to digitalization. Alexander Schwarz, CEO of divVoice, has been working on what the future of work in the catering industry could look like for years. He focuses on speech assistants or speech input systems as built-in modules for devices and machines to simplify the catering industry's everyday life. These commercial applications are gaining increasing importance, Alexander explained in his lecture: Speech assistants - individual and secure!

  • Expert Discussion Focuses on Speech Assistance and Digitalization in Catering and Retail Sectors

    The expert discussion focused on the effects, opportunities, and potential of digitalization in the catering and retail sectors. Alexander Schwarz, founder and CEO of the start-up divVoice, presented his and his team's developed speech assistance systems as a digital, future-oriented solution approach.

  • Digital Demo Day 2020

    The #DigitalDemoDay was a success! Thank you very much for visiting us there. And we hope to see you again very soon! We would like to give our special thanks to @digihub_de for organizing such an event!

  • Digital Future: The Benefits of Voice Interaction for Tasks and Processes

    The new Praxis Tipps edition is called Digital Future and includes an article about divVoice, a company that specializes in developing innovative speech recognition systems. The article discusses the benefits of using speech commands to interact with technology and how it can simplify the use of technology and improve hygiene in certain industries.

  • Ordivia - a dashboard for managing smart devices and speech assistants in your restaurant

    Ordivia is a dashboard for managing smart devices and speech assistants in your restaurant. It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage your smart devices and speech assistants in your restaurant. It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage your smart devices and speech assistants in your restaurant.

  • INTERGASTRA showcases divVoice at Pitch&Meet area

    The INTERGASTRA is a trade fair for the hospitality and foodservice industry, offering a platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs to present their ideas. Divvoice, that specializes in innovative speech recognition systems and has developed Ordivia, presented the world's first AI-based speech ordering system for restaurants.

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