An Innovation Leader for Smart & Voice-Assisted Systems.

divVoice designs software and hardware systems for smart and connected devices for use in business applications. Our products are highly designed, crafted and manufactured by a world-class engineering team. Our vision is to bring voice assistance into more industries.

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Our Company

We, the divVoice team, develop, design and produce individual voice assistance for professional applications. Our focus is on the implementation and new development of applications with voice assistance, so that our customers benefit from a technological edge and can shape the future today.

World's Most Innovative Voice Tech Organization

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  • Hardware

    We provide the hardware. From ready-to-use complete systems to integrable modules.

  • Configuration

    User-friendly configuration on the dashboard minimizes the development time of your product. Monitor the health of your devices.

  • Machine Learning

    Use the AI toolbox to learn from your data. Build a voice assistant and interactive user experiences.

  • Data

    Gain insights from your data. Improve the user experience with our analytics and metrics tools.

Technology for voice assistants

divVoice’s product portfolio consists of hardware and software solutions as well as a management platform and supports the development of customers from the pilot phase with embidio system to successful and cost-optimized serial production thanks to embidio Nano.

divVoice embidio solutions are suitable for all business applications and can be customized and configured by our customers. The modular systems offer a maximum of flexibility for the optimization of your product design as well as the development and production of smart products. divVoice has developed complete solutions that can be integrated into your existing as well as in future products.

Alexander Schwarz

Chief Executive Officer

Why choose our services?

At divVoice, we rely on honesty, discipline and hard work and believe our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to the beginning of the company.

divVoice is a voice assistance and smart device firm offering engineering, prototyping and consultation services to domestic and international customers throughout the EU.

World's Most Innovative Voice Tech Organization

8Top talents


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  • Best talents in voice hardware.

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  • We have shipped thousands of components to happy customers.

We will make your dream come true

We are focused on sustainable business relations that deliver the best project results for our partners.

We approached divVoice GmbH with complicated requirements and a strict schedule for our product development. Here, they immediately understood our needs and provided a hardware solution adapted to our specific application with the appropriate signal processing method in a timely manner.

Dr. med. Arne Peine

CEO of

Our latest products.

Next generation voice assistance technology.

With our embidio hardware you get optimized technologies for voice assistance systems and the possibility to realize your own voice assistance in your products. The modular hardware with powerful signal processing can be individually configured for your requirements and simplifies the integration of a robust and powerful voice assistant that significantly expands the functionality of your devices and improves usability.

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  • embidio Nano - Ideal for series production

    The embidio Nano is a resource-optimized module for series production. The compact and powerful technology with its multiple functions is easy to integrate and thus enables a cost-efficient implementation of new products with voice assistance…

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  • embidio Hub - Optimized for prototyping

    Start by adding a voice assistant to your existing devices or develop completely new voice-tech devices, thanks to embidio hub. The USB audio module is ready to use and offers ideal conditions for the first prototyping due to its numerous interfaces and freely selectable microphone configuration…

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  • embidio System - The easy way to start your pilot tests

    The pre-configured voice assistant forms an ideal basis for an uncomplicated and quick start of new ideas and projects, which can be validated by pilot tests. The embidio system is a voice assistant with numerous functions…

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  • embidio Cloud - Management platform for IoT and voice assistance

    The all-in-one platform solution is suitable for managing your IoT devices and voice assistance devices as well as your embidio hardware via cloud connection. The web-based platform enables remote control, integration of new functionalities and continuous updating of your devices…

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