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Technology for voice assistants

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Make your Device great

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Build scalable IoT solutions with voice assistance


We provide the hardware. From ready-to-use complete systems to integrable modules.


User-friendly configuration on the dashboard minimizes the development time of your product. Monitor the health of your devices.

Machine Learning

Use the AI toolbox to learn from your data. Build a voice assistant and interactive user experiences.


Gain insights from your data. Improve the user experience with our analytics and metrics tools.

Product portfolio – Reliable and ready for immediate use

Conhive Dashboard

An IoT management platform for the operation of voice assistants and to control your devices.

embidio System

An all-in-one voice assistance system solution with smart display, microphones and speakers.

embidio Hub

embidio Hub offers ideal conditions for the first prototyping due to its numerous interfaces and the freely selectable microphone configuration.

embidio Nano

The compact and powerful embidio Nano Board with its multiple functions is easy to integrate and enables cost-effective series production.

divVoice’s product portfolio consists of hardware and software solutions as well as a management platform and supports the development of customers from the pilot phase with embidio system to successful and cost-optimized serial production thanks to embidio Nano.

Numerous advantages thanks to voice assistants

Voice control and voice assistants is the technology of the future. The operation of complex products is simplified and work processes become more efficient and time-saving.