Hardware Integration for Voice Technology

Hardware Integration

Optimizing Interaction with Voice Assistants

Strategic Positioning for Clear Communication

Effective voice assistant interaction hinges on clear speech recognition and output. Our expertise lies in optimizing the placement of microphones and speakers to minimize environmental interference and ensure the best user experience.

Balancing Aesthetics, Functionality, and Performance

Holistic Approach to Hardware Integration

Understanding that microphone and speaker placement can influence product design, we focus on harmonizing acoustics with aesthetics. This includes considering how these elements interact with displays and control buttons.

Through pre-simulations, we optimize the positioning of microphones and speakers to enhance aesthetics without sacrificing performance, saving you time and resources in prototyping. We also offer guidance on microphone and speaker attachment, ensuring durability with considerations for water and dust resistance, as well as shock and vibration robustness.

Comprehensive Services for Hardware Integration:

  • Guidance on electronics integration within products

  • Assistance in creating circuit diagrams and selecting appropriate components

  • Expert selection of microphones and speakers suited to your product

  • Hardware testing and optimization for peak performance

  • Pre-simulation for optimal microphone and speaker positioning

  • Aesthetic and functional alignment in component placement

  • Expertise in microphone and speaker attachment

  • Ensuring water and dust resistance and robustness against physical stress


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