embidio Nano Development Board

embidio nano development board

embidio Nano Development Board: Forge the Future of Voice Technology

Effortless Prototyping and Beyond

Dive into the world of voice technology with the embidio Development Kit. This comprehensive platform, equipped with a range of interfaces and pre-configured functions, is designed for efficient prototyping, offering seamless integration with the embidio Nano SoM. It's the starting point for a smooth development journey, providing insights into connectivity, performance, and functionalities.

Tailored for Diverse Applications

More than just a prototyping tool, the embidio Development Kit is a versatile platform for developing voice-assisted applications and preparing pre-series projects. It's instrumental in integrating voice assistants into your products, streamlining the test and optimization phases to make your pilot projects both cost-effective and efficient.

Discover the Power of the embidio Development Kit

  • Precise Beamforming: Focuses on the speaker, optimizing audio in noisy settings.

  • Effective Noise Reduction: Self-adapts to suppress environmental noise, enhancing recording quality.

  • Echo and Feedback Suppression: Detects commands even during audio playback.

  • Intelligent Acoustic Processing: Includes comfort noise generator, DC filter, leveler, automatic gain control, and acoustic echo suppression.

  • Noise reduction method : Noise reduction at the listener. Leads to improved speech intelligibility.

  • Customizable Equalizer: For tailored sound reproduction and listening experiences.

Discover the Power of the embidio Development Kit

Explore new horizons in voice technology with the embidio Development Kit. This kit is more than a tool; it's your innovation ally, transforming ideas into reality with cutting-edge features. Ideal for prototyping and advanced development, it's the key to unlocking your project's full potential in voice-assisted applications.


Experience unparalleled audio clarity with eight strategically placed microphones, capturing every nuance of speech.


Its compact form factor is packed with diverse connectivity options, making it ideal for a range of innovative products.


Robust signal processing guarantees consistent voice control accuracy, even in challenging, noisy environments.


Tailor the embidio Nano to your specific needs with adaptable software modules, ensuring a perfect fit for various applications.

Technical Data

Technical Highlights

  • Advanced Microphone Array
    Features 8 high-performance digital MEMS for exceptional audio capture.
  • Powerful Speaker Output
    Includes 2 x 4W stereo speakers for clear audio output.
  • Versatile Audioport
    USB Audio Class 1.0 compatibility for wide-ranging connectivity.
  • Additional Connections
    A 20-pin connector equipped with SPI, I2C, and 5V/DC.
  • Extensive OS Support
    Compatible with Linux, Windows, and MacOS for audio functionalities.
  • Convenient Firmware Updates
    Easily updateable via USB or SPI.

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