Voice assistants in retail

voice assistant in retail

How voice technology can improve shopping experience

Voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, have long become part of our daily lives. But did you know that they can also play an important role in retail? Voice assistants offer a variety of ways to improve the shopping experience and better understand customers. In the following we show some advantages that voice assistants offer in retail.

For retailer

Voice assistants also offer numerous advantages for the retailer: They can help to create a closer customer loyalty and recognize the customer type from the customer's voice. This helps to better understand customer needs and make more suitable offers. The possibility of customer surveys helps to react faster to changes and to expand the offer. By integrating voice assistants, new target groups can be addressed, especially seniors who find it difficult to use a smartphone.

For customers

Voice assistants improve the shopping experience of your customers. Displaying offers helps to generate sales and your customers get to know your product variety. The search for products is supported by intelligent assistants, so that your customers can shop without frustration and save time. In addition, voice assistants facilitate navigation in the store by showing your customers the way to certain products. Finally, your customers can learn more about your products by receiving detailed information about your product range, finding alternative products or retrieving recipe suggestions.

Applications in mind

There are a variety of ways in which voice assistants can be used in retail. By integrating an automated checkout process, customers can pay in an efficient way. Voice aisstance integrated into shopping carts or shelves can help your customers find certain products easily and find new ones. With the integration into sales rooms, e.g. info screens, information about products can be retrieved and current offers can be viewed.

Benefits for retail

  • Voice assistants help customers to save time and shop more efficiently by displaying reminders of offers and making it easier to search for products.

  • Thanks to digital assistants, customers can navigate the store more easily and receive detailed information about products, such as composition and origin.

  • Customer loyalty can be improved by determining the customer type and using customer surveys.

  • Ability to integrate into various areas of retail, such as checkout processes, shopping carts or sales rooms.

Use Cases


Your intelligent assistant - integrated with voice control

  • Interactive voice assistants to advise and support customers
  • Support, navigate and provide information.
  • Display personalized recipe suggestions, product recommendations as well as ingredients and allergens.
  • Contactless payment for a successful conclusion of the relaxed shopping in the evening.
  • Based on the embidio Hub and the embidio Cloud Platform

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