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voice assistant in gastronomy

Requirements for modern gastronomy businesses

Modern gastronomy businesses nowadays have to meet the requirements of digitization in order to remain competitive. More and more customers expect digital solutions, be it in the form of ordering apps, cashless payment options or the integration of voice assistant technology. The use of technology can not only improve customer service, but also optimize work processes in the company and thus save costs. Another important aspect is data security and the protection of customer data. Modern gastronomy businesses must ensure that they comply with data protection regulations and store and process customer data in a secure manner.
Furthermore, modern gastronomy businesses should also pay attention to strengthening their presence on social media. Social media channels are important marketing tools nowadays that can help increase the visibility of the business and attract new customers. Modern gastronomy businesses should think and act digitally in order to meet customer expectations.
By integrating voice assistant technology, using digital media and utilizing automation, gastronomy businesses can not only remain competitive, but also expand their business and achieve long-term success.

Benefits of voice assistants in gastronomy

  • Improved efficiency: Voice assistants can help increase efficiency in gastronomy by automatically taking orders, speeding up service and relieving staff. This can reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

  • Better customer experience: Using voice assistants, guests in gastronomy can have a personalized and convenient experience. They can take orders, answer questions and take special requests, leading to better service and higher customer satisfaction.

  • More sales: Voice assistants can help increase sales in gastronomy by giving guests personalized recommendations, presenting upselling offers and drawing attention to offers and special promotions.

  • Improved accuracy: Using voice assistants can reduce errors in order taking and order processing. The technology is able to take and process accurate and precise orders, leading to higher quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Time saving: Voice assistants can save time by allowing guests to take orders and pay bills without waiting for service. This allows guests to be served faster and staff to focus on other tasks.

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Improve the satisfaction of your guests and strengthen the success of your gastronomy business by using voice assistant technology and automation tools.

Use Cases


Ordivia - Meet your digital order assistant

  • Based on embidio hardware and managed by the embidio cloud platform
  • Digital ordering assistant for multiple orders to reduce time for your guests and staff
  • Digital avatar for gamification of the ordering process
  • Elegant design to perfect fit into your gastronomy and an intuitive user interface

Voice assistant in gastronomy

See how voice assistant technology can improve the ordering and stay experience of your guests and increase efficiency in your business.

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