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Voice assistant in medical

Automate administrative tasks and improve patient care

Patient care is one of the most important tasks in healthcare, but often employees are busy with a high administrative effort, which burdens their work and limits their effectiveness.
This is where voice assistant technology comes in: By automating tasks such as patient admission, symptom checking or patient data transmission, employees can be relieved, which creates more time for patient care.
Moreover, voice technology can also help to improve the accuracy and consistency of patient care by, for example, automating patient monitoring or alerting medical staff in real time to changes in patient data.

Benefits of voice assistants

  • Simplify processes through the use of AI

  • Reduce costs with the help of digital solutions

  • Automate tasks such as patient admission

  • Check symptoms through signal processing

  • Secure transmission of patient data thanks to the latest encryption methods

  • Increase efficiency by entering voice commands

  • Minimize errors with the help of intelligent functions

Use Cases


Meet Mona - Alexa with a doctorate

  • A product of Clinomic Medical GmbH with integrated embidio hardware for voice and signal recognition from divVoice.
  • An intelligent assistant with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to help doctors provide the best possible treatment for their patients.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art AI, Mona helps doctors make better decisions. The intelligent assistant keeps an eye on all measured values and supports the nursing staff in treating the patients.

We approached divVoice GmbH with complicated requirements and a strict schedule for our product development. Here, they immediately understood our needs and provided a hardware solution adapted to our specific application with the appropriate signal processing method in a timely manner.

Dr. med. Arne Peine

Chief Executive Officer of

How can voice assistants be used in healthcare?

Embidio System: Streamline Development with Ready-to-Deploy Solutions

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Embidio System

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Embidio Nano

Conhive Platform

Connect your smart devices for seamless control to our platform, and upgrade your devices with voice assistance.


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