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  • Speech recognition as a decisive competitive advantage

    Speech recognition as a decisive competitive advantage

    Fraunhofer IDMT and Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum support small and medium-sized enterprises in integrating speech recognition systems into products and production processes of various kinds. The Aachen-based startup divVoice has developed a voice assistant for the catering industry with the support of Fraunhofer IDMT.

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    Voice assistants for all cases - Aachener Zeitung

    Naomi and Alexander Schwarz develop and produce voice controls and voice assistants with their startup divVoice. After a setback due to Covid-19, they have come back even more innovative and have big plans.

  • Intelligent shopping assistant - Voice control for retail

    Voice assistance for retail

    Intelligent voice assistance technology for your shopping cart. Retail customers can conveniently and efficiently do their shopping thanks to the virtual assistant with voice control. Queries about the product range, offer displays and navigation are a selection of functions that offers an improved experience in stationary retail.

  • Voice ordering assistant for catering

    Foodservice Digital Hub brings catering and research together

    The digital transformation of the catering industry accompany and push ahead - that is what the Foodservice Digital Hub has set itself the task of. In think tanks and in cooperation with science, restaurateurs, companies in the food industry and tech start-ups develop solutions and innovations for the industry's current challenges together.

  • Digital X 2019 in Cologne

    Digital X 2019 in Cologne - Off into the future

    Future Stage - As the name suggests, this was about the future. What could it look like? How do we live in the future? How do we work? No one can see into the future, but one thing we already know: The future will change the world of work. Above all, AI will play a major role in this development.

  • Venture Capital Magazine

    Venture Capital Magazine - Innovation from cooperation

    Cooperation between medium-sized companies and startups - strong together. Medium-sized companies that cooperate with startups open up new doors to innovative business ideas. At the same time, the young companies gain easier market access. NRW.Bank brings the two together and supports them with external and equity capital.

  • Customer Service Automation 2.0

    Customer Service Automation 2.0

    Why are voice assistants not yet being used across the board? A voice assistant for professional applications is a real innovation and is therefore a corresponding differentiating feature from competitors. By integrating a voice assistant, a plant manufacturer increases its awareness, the attractiveness of its products and the sales of its products. Read more here about the possible uses of voice assistance in professional applications.

  • INTERGASTRA Food&Concept Court - divVoice in Pitch&Meet Area

    INTERGASTRA - Food&Concept Court

    Pitch&Meet area - Divvoice, one of the participating companies, specializes in innovative voice assistance systems. It has developed the world's first AI-based voice ordering system for guests in the catering industry, called Ordivia. This is a small device on the table with which each guest can order independently. The orders are automatically recognized and transmitted to the service - on the service terminal or the mobile service app. From then on, any employee can accept and process the orders.

  • Ordivia - Voice assistant for catering

    Voice assistance for the catering and hotel industry

    In cooperation with the Foodservice Digital Hub, divVoice has developed a virtual voice assistant for the catering industry. This can be integrated into cash register systems and used for orders, inventory queries and much more.

  • PRAXISTIPPS: Digital Future

    Digital future: benefits of voice technology

    An article about divVoice, a company specializing in the development of innovative speech recognition systems. Read more about the benefits of using voice commands to interact with technologies and how they can simplify the operation of technologies and meet hygiene standards in various industries.

  • DigitalDemoDay

    Digital Demo Day 2020

    The DigitalDemoDay was a complete success! Many thanks to our visitors and customers who visited our stand. We are already looking forward to the next event and seeing you again soon! Our special thanks go to the team from @digihub_de for the great organization!

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    Voice assistance & digitization - an expert discussion

    The central topic of the expert discussion, which took place in cooperation with the start-ups diVVoice and CHECK CLOUD, in a great atmosphere in the Urbanharbor, was „Voice assistance & digitization“. The participants were presented with the effects, opportunities and potential of digitization in the catering and retail sectors.

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    Optimal service thanks to speech recognition

    In conversation with Alexander Schwarz, CEO of divVoice, we learn how this vision became an established product and how the Solid Edge Startup Program supported the company in doing so.

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    digitalMATCH: Clinomic & divVoice: Success with double startup power. The collaboration has become a major success project. The Mona assistance and telemedicine system is already in use in the EU and is now in series production.

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    digitalMATCH: Clinomic & divVoice: Success with double startup power. The Mona is a highly modern AI and voice-based medical device that is used directly at the patient's bedside and enables the treating physicians to provide safe and intensive telemedicine at the bedside.

  • Mona

    Healthtech with voice assistance

    Mona is a highly modern AI and voice-based medical device that is used directly at the patient's bedside and enables the treating physicians to provide safe and intensive telemedicine at the bedside.

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