embidio hub

embidio Hub: Your Gateway to Advanced Voice Control

Compact, Powerful, and Versatile

The embidio Hub stands out with its compact, cost-effective design, making it the ideal USB audio module to swiftly equip your projects with advanced voice control. As an industrial-grade single board computer, it provides exceptional flexibility for microphone placement, ensuring your voice control needs are met with precision.

Ideal for Prototypes and Small-Scale Production

Perfect for prototype development, pilot projects, and small series, the embidio Hub is your go-to USB audio module for integrating sophisticated speech recognition and voice control into your ideas efficiently and cost-effectively. Designed specifically for industrial and business applications, its core is powered by the XMOS chip, ensuring stable and reliable signal processing.

Innovative Design and Superior Functionality

  • Multiple connections and interfaces for seamless integration of advanced voice control.

  • USB audio interface for managing recording and playback via computer.

  • Dual microphone array connections for 360° recording and top-notch speech recognition.

  • Signal processing and beamforming for dependable voice control in various environments.

  • Customizable software modules for tailored voice interactions in your products and applications.

360° Comprehensive Speech Recognition

Experience impressive 360° recording and optimal speech recognition with two connections for microphone arrays, each housing up to four high-performance digital MEMs microphones. The embidio Hub's signal processing and beamforming technology ensure reliable voice control, excelling even in noisy environments. Plus, its customizable software modules offer unmatched adaptability for your applications, allowing rich interaction with your voice assistant.


As a robust single board computer, it offers exceptional flexibility in microphone placement, meeting your voice control needs with unparalleled precision.


Experience the convenience of a sleek, cost-effective design. The embidio Hub is the ideal USB audio module for rapid incorporation of advanced voice control into your projects.


Ideal for prototype development, pilot projects, and small-scale production, the embidio Hub streamlines the integration of sophisticated speech recognition and voice control.


Specifically designed for industrial and business applications, its XMOS chip core ensures stable and reliable signal processing, making it a dependable choice for your projects.

Diverse Applications of embidio Technology

  • Smart Speakers: Revolutionizing audio experiences with intelligent design.

  • Voice Assistance Systems: Enhancing daily life with responsive voice-activated assistance.

  • Voice Recording Devices: Capturing crystal-clear audio effortlessly.

  • Voice Conference Systems: Transforming remote communication with clarity and ease.

  • Car Voice Assistants: Bringing hands-free convenience and safety to driving.

  • Meeting Communication Devices: Streamlining discussions and collaborations in meetings.

  • Voice-Controlled Robots: Pioneering the future of interactive robotics.

embidio hub

Technical data


  • Microphone array
    8 high-performance digital MEMS
  • Speaker
    2 x 4 W (stereo output)
  • Audio port
    USB Audio Class 1.0 / 2.0
  • Additional connections
    20 pol-connector with SPI, I2C & 5 V/DC
  • OS-Support (Audio)
    Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Firmware update
    via USB & SPI
  • Firmware update OS support
    Linux, Windows
  • I2C control
    To control the DSP during operation
  • Display connection
    HDMI via integrated Raspberry Pi

Physical data

  • Dimensions
    67 x 53 x 12 mm
  • Temperature
    0°C to 70°C
  • Weight
    19.9 g
  • Power consumption
    1W - 10W
  • Voltage
    5 V/DC
  • Current
    0.093 A - 1.9 A

Audio parameters & signal processing

  • Input channels
    2 / 4 / 6 / 8
  • Output channels
  • frequency
    16 - 48 kHz

Audio parameters & signal processing

  • Beamformer
    Focusing on the speaker to get the best possible audio signals in noisy environments.
  • Noise Reduction
    Self-adaptive suppression of stationary noise effects in the environment. Improves recording quality.
  • Far End Noise Reduction
    Noise suppression at the listener. Can lead to improved speech intelligibility but unnatural sound.
  • Echo Cancellation
    Feedback suppression to detect commands despite audio playback
  • Comfort Noise Generator
    Suppresses artifacts of signal processing with intelligent acoustic masking effects.
  • Direct Current Filter
    Suppression of low-frequency interference signals and cancellation of DC components.
  • Leveler
    Automatic signal amplification after echo and noise suppression.
  • Automatic Gain Control
    Self-adaptive optimization of amplitude and dynamic range of the acoustic signals.
  • Acoustic Echo Suppression
    Acoustic crosstalk suppression between devices to reduce, for example, double talk effects
  • Equalizer
    Fixed and parametric equalizers for optimizing sound generation / listening experience.

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