Audio Signal Processing

Signal Processing: The Key to Unleashing Your Success

In the ever-evolving realm of voice technology, the essence of clear and precise voice recognition cannot be overstated. Our approach is designed to conquer the challenges of ambient and internal noise, while adeptly discerning the speaker's position. This precision aligns your voice assistant with the users' needs, ensuring an intuitive interaction every time.
Harnessing our extensive expertise in signal processing, we tailor voice assistant performance to reach new heights. Through the selection and adaptation of premier signal processing methodologies, coupled with our proprietary algorithms, we dramatically cut through ambient and internal noise. The result? Your voice commands stand out—crystal clear.
Our advanced microphone positioning techniques further refine speaker recognition, accurately focusing on the user even amidst the most challenging soundscapes.

Our Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Impeccable Audio Quality


Our beamforming technology hones in on the speaker, navigating through noise to capture pristine audio. With a repertoire of algorithms including delay-and-sum, superdirective, and adaptive techniques, we empower your voice assistant to discern commands with unprecedented clarity.

Noise Reduction

Dive into crystal-clear recording quality with our sophisticated noise reduction technology, designed to suppress ambient distractions, allowing your voice assistant to focus on the essential.

Far End Noise Reduction

Our far end noise reduction technology enhances speech intelligibility by minimizing noise on the listener's end, fostering a concentrated auditory experience while preserving natural sound quality.

Echo Cancellation

Say goodbye to feedback complications with our robust echo cancellation, ensuring your voice assistant remains precise and responsive amidst ongoing audio playback.

Comfort Noise Generator

Our Comfort Noise Generator seamlessly masks signal processing artifacts, crafting an uninterrupted and smooth acoustic environment.

Direct Current Filter

Eliminate low-frequency disturbances and DC interference with our Direct Current Filter, securing a purer signal for superior audio clarity.


Our intelligent leveler fine-tunes audio post echo and noise reduction, maintaining uniform sound levels for an optimal listening journey.

Automatic Gain Control

Leverage our Automatic Gain Control to automatically adjust amplitude and dynamic range, ensuring top-notch acoustic signals under any condition.

Acoustic Echo Suppression

Mitigate crosstalk between devices with our Acoustic Echo Suppression, reducing disruptions like double-talk effects for a clearer communication pathway.


Fine-tune your audio with our equalizers, tailored for sound optimization and enriched listening experiences, available in both fixed and parametric formats.

Why Opt for Our Signal Processing Service?

  • Expertise in selecting and customizing signal processing solutions to fit your product's unique requirements

  • Cutting-edge algorithms designed to minimize both ambient and internal noise for crystal-clear command recognition

  • Innovative microphone positioning techniques for precise speaker identification and focused voice capture in any environment

  • Advanced pre-simulation for precise microphone and speaker placement

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Embark confidently on your voice technology endeavor. Our consulting services aim to identify and tailor the perfect solutions to meet your unique business needs.

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