embidio system

Your Pathway to Voice-Enabled Innovation

The embidio system as a stand-alone device offers the fastest way to equip your pilot projects with preconfigured speech recognition. It is easy to configure and enables the immediate use and development of your voice assistance system.

Ideal for Prototyping and Pre-Series Development

As a complete reference platform, the embidio System integrates voice assistants and voice control into your products seamlessly. Perfect for both development and evaluation, it's an ideal pre-series choice for speech recognition integration.

Key Features of the embidio System

  • Instant connection to embidio Cloud Platform and customizable wake word.

  • Ready to use for immediate start in pilot projects with easy optimization.

  • Integrated microphone array and stereo speakers for interactive voice assistance.

  • Large touch display and LED lighting for enhanced control and information display.

  • A cost-effective solution negating the need for additional hardware and software components, streamlining product development.

Elegantly Designed for Modern Environments

With its elegant design and integrated LED lighting for visual information display, the embidio System enhances any space. Its modern aesthetics are matched by its functionality.

Rapid Prototyping

Designed for quick prototyping, the standalone embidio System features up to eight microphones for unmatched speech recognition quality.

All-In-One Design

The embidio System combines extensive functionality with a sleek design, requiring no extra hardware or software.

High-Performance Tech

Equipped with advanced signal processing and beamforming, it's ideal for clear voice control even in noisy settings.

Effortless Usability

Intuitive and adaptable, the embidio System's integrated display and LED lighting ensure straightforward operation and information clarity.

Unleash the Power of Voice in Various Domains

  • Smart Office Wizard: Transform your workplace into a hub of efficiency with a smart office assistant that understands and responds to your commands.

  • Intelligent Voice Assistant: Elevate everyday interactions with a system that not only listens but also comprehends and assists in ways you never thought possible.

  • Supportive Digital Companion: Envision a digital assistant that offers tailored support to individuals with special needs, making technology accessible and inclusive.

  • Meeting Maestro: Reinvent how meetings are conducted with a digital assistant that organizes, records, and even participates, ensuring every discussion is productive.

embidio system

Technical data


  • Microphone array
    8 high-performance digital MEMS
  • Speaker
    2 x 4 W (stereo output)
  • Audio port
    USB Audio Class 1.0
  • OS-Support (Audio)
    Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Firmware update
    via USB & SPI
  • Firmware update OS support
    Linux, Windows
  • I2C control
    To control the DSP during operation
  • Display connection
    HDMI via integrated Raspberry Pi

Audio parameters & signal processing

  • Beamformer
    Focusing on the speaker to get the best possible audio signals in noisy environments.
  • Noise Reduction
    Self-adaptive suppression of stationary noise effects in the environment. Improves recording quality.
  • Far End Noise Reduction
    Noise suppression at the listener. Can lead to improved speech intelligibility but unnatural sound.
  • Echo Cancellation
    Feedback suppression to detect commands despite audio playback
  • Comfort Noise Generator
    Suppresses artifacts of signal processing with intelligent acoustic masking effects.
  • Direct Current Filter
    Suppression of low-frequency interference signals and cancellation of DC components.
  • Leveler
    Automatic signal amplification after echo and noise suppression.
  • Automatic Gain Control
    Self-adaptive optimization of amplitude and dynamic range of the acoustic signals.
  • Acoustic Echo Suppression
    Acoustic crosstalk suppression between devices to reduce, for example, double talk effects
  • Equalizer
    Fixed and parametric equalizers for optimizing sound generation / listening experience.

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